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  1. If it's an honest mistake made by a newer player they can always appeal if they really care. The burden of proof is on them to provide something that shows they did it without malicious intent, did not know it was a big rule to break, would not do it again and were sorry. It's something that needs to be taken very seriously since it's one of the most game ruining offenses, and it's better to ban and ask questions later if they're caught deliberately sharing information outside of the standard allowed game communications. That seems like it should be standard for any TTT server. Those are my two cents, at least. Not that it means much 😛
  2. Just passing time and hoping 🙂 Happy New Years everybody

  3. Your In-Game Name: buttery neckbeard Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:56157539 Which server where you banned on?: TTT #1 Staff Member that Banned You: The Suess Ban Reason: Departing so long neckbeard Ban Length: Permanent Did you break any rules?: Yes What Happened: The initial reason for my ban was departing. I was an overdramatic member of the community who repeatedly got staff and departed, to the point that departures became a permanent ban (to make sure you meant it) and were later removed to avoid the drama as a whole. At some point afterwards, I did join back on an alt to open the starter crates. As innocent as that may seem, it is ban evading. I also did make a nasty comment at a staff member at the time via the forums before that account was quickly banned. I spent a lot of time away from moat, not considering actually playing again. I finally decided to play again in the shadows, keeping to myself as much as possible and enjoying my time. So yes, I have ban evaded again to play. However, my ban was initially at my request due to the departure and I do regret the immature pattern of behavior that led me to that point. I dislike not being able to talk with my old friends and socialize. I miss the community and the fun times. Since playing I have considerably improved my behavior, unbound my mic key both to avoid revealing myself and to stop any kneejerk toxic reactions, and tried being a contributing member to the community (without applying for staff, of course). I have donated and while that may seem like I'm trying to buy my way out of a ban, it goes to show that I legitimately support this community and as an extra note, I have no intention of charging back the approximate 1100 dollars I've donated so far regardless of the outcome of this appeal. I miss all of it, minus the obscene levels of toxicity I brought into the community. I know how to tone it down. I'm growing a lot as a person, and I hope that with this I'm allowed another chance within the community to have a great time, make friends, and play my heart out. To reiterate, I have most definitely broken rules by evading. This can not be denied. My point lies in the fact that my original ban was by my own request with the making of a departure, and that I hold no malice towards the community, servers, staff, or any individuals (which may seem false given comments I’ve made in the past, but I own up to those wholly and sincerely apologize). Ideally, this appeal would be handled by somebody who was both around during my time on MG and also holds no positive bias towards me. Those who are critical of me have the right to be. I think George would be best for this as he was there through it all and likely the most fed up with me so while it’d lessen my chances, I know he’s a fair person and would make the best decision based on deliberation. It goes without saying that I would not so much as apply for any position, and would remain permanently a VIP (would re-donate for it if necessary). If this is going to be upheld and I am going to be permabanned on this account as well, can you please give me enough time to give my inventory to somebody? That's all I ask if I'm to remain banned. I would like to return the items I accrued in my time here to the community if I'm not going to be allowed back 🙂 Regardless of the outcome, if any reviewing staff members have any questions in regards to any of this post or wish to speak with me, please PM me on my alternate discord, being Escanor#4041. Thank you for reading. Yours truly, buttery neckbeard. Witnesses: @The Suess @George6120 Have you read over our rules?: Yes Do you regret doing what you did?: Yes Do you promise not to break any rules after your ban?: Yes