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  1. Double Tap Every bullet has a 10-25% chance of firing a second bullet that has 70-25% less accuracy for every bullet fired. Better for close ranged weapons due to the accuracy being lowered so you aren't one tapped across the map due to a M24 having this.
  2. @Darth Scrub https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1253338685 is the dio model https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=952051402 is the jotaro model
  3. My reasoning? Why not? I rest my case.
  4. Dear Motato

    I know a nice coffee place nearby, and if you want dinner as well, I've got that covered.

    Sincerely, OwOtism™

  5. Do you want to grab or coffee or something? *Blushes*
  6. @Zach. No, because it says it can only be completed as traitor.
  7. Serial killer doesn't work for anything, you don't get xp and most importantly, IT DOESN'T WORK TOWARDS THE SUMMER CLIMB, I'm not lying, I had 3 serial killer rounds, 2 where I got 10 kills, and the other where I got 12, I was so curious as to how many items I got from the summer climb, to be shown no xp put towards the summer climb. Lmao pls fix ❤️
  8. How about this, it's called slowing down Have a delay after starting the mass decon for the server to handle it
  9. There should be an easier way to mass crate unbox, along the same lines of mass deconstruction, you could hold shift and whatever crate you selected could be opened at once. It wouldn't show lower than high end weapons in chat to prevent the chat being flooded by drops, and it would just make opening a large amount of crates easier.
  10. I think you should be able to vote for a map extension putting in 5 more rounds of the map that is currently being used. This would work only once, and it wouldn't take up one of the map selection slots, but instead it would be an extra option.
  11. I invited a friend to play TTT and he almost instantly stopped playing after getting wiped by someone with a planetary M4 with explosive and center mass across the map. Now first off, my friend could have sucked it up and realize it's tough being a new player and soon enough he'll fit in, but if there were a server for people that were under lvl 10's so he can get used to the game he would have enjoyed his stay. Now I'm not saying to push them all there so they have to get to lvl 10 before they can play on other servers, they would still be allowed to play on regular servers, but it would give them a chance to learn the basics.
  12. The current rifle's model looks and feels like it wouldn't deal the amount of damage it does, looking small and having little visual kickback makes it feel like the ultimate underdog. My suggestion is to change it maybe to a L115, but there is probably far better options, that's just the only sniper rifle I could think of that is not already in the game.
  13. @Zero that is true for most guns, but what about a gun you don't want to reroll because of the other 2-3 other talents, and what about extinct, adding an extinct mutator would completely ruin the point of limited time extinct talent, so this seems like the best bet.
  14. Alright, now that it's being said back to me, this does sound a bit useless and unnecessary, I apologize for wasting time.
  15. @CannibalNaziSpiderI'm sorry if you disagree with this and I'm not saying tug of war and dragon born is terrible in all situations, I just had bad experiences with it, and if this was a feature you could just have dragon born and tug of war turned on.