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  1. emit taerG a evah lla nac ew epoh i tub sdneirf yllis ym emit ruoy gnitsaw rof yrros sloof lirpa neht siht dnatsrednu ot did i ekil looT a esu ot dah uoy dna ton fi boj ecin yllaeR neht sdrawkcab daer nac uoy fi tub knarp teg lliw wef a ylno tub tnaw uoy lla yllis eb dna ekoj nac uoy yad ecin a gnivah era uoy fo lla epoh i neht won dnatsrednu lliw uoY emit ruoy ekaT uoy fi erus m'i tub ereh no yas ot gniyrt m'i tahw tuo dnif ot gniyrT era uoy fo tsoM ro uoy fo lla erus m'i gninrom dooG 😜

    1. Pyric


      tker teg ?siht od ot loot a dedeen uoy


    2. BananaBoi
    3. The Suess

      The Suess


  2. I Really Love Music like this..

    1. Seeder33


      you mean boring.                                                                                           jk its relaxing 

    2. Samuel


      @NoFace likes it a lot too

  3. Daylight saving time really messed up my sleep But i can't wait for the Nice warm Windy breeze even when you are sleeping with the windows open you can smell that nice air when you wake up and sleep and t\he Sound of crickets at night and the birds early in the morning it's gonna be really great when it comes

  4. Me staying up to do Those Contracks..yeah i Don't think i'm ever gonna do that again anytime soon

  5. Always respect your elders Even if they Sound Young,Always Try your Best to be a mentor to others Keep them to Right Path Be patient with Them as well,.

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    2. [Agent]Heartstrings


      No to everyone and myself Remember i'm 23 and you Have a nice sweet voice

    3. seuss


      Why do you Capitalize Random ass words In Every inspirational Status post You Post?

    4. Françoise Appledelhi

      Françoise Appledelhi

      Ey Socrates this is a gaming community you know

  6. Stalkers Stalkers Stalkers Some Say Stalkers Are Bad But honestly I Really Don't Mind Stalkers It Really Does show That you worry about me.that you care for me.that You Really want to know me and understand me.You watch over me to see how i'm doing if i'm safe .Like a guardian angel Well All i can say is .Thank you.For Being My Stalker.It's always Nice to know someone is watching me and by my side .

  7. Always Do you Best to Keep Calm even if the worst Happens just Clsoe your Eyes..Say " i won't give up . i won't give in.You will Never Bring me Down. Then Open your eyes and Smile.thinks of every good happy funny thing that ever happen,And Never Let sadness get to you.

  8. Let's Always Enjoy the Little things in Life and be Happy for what we got.Let the Gray Clouds fade Away And Let the Light Shide your Way

  9. We are a family we are Friends, we'll look out for each other till the bitter end.Never Growing  Week,always Growing Strong.we'll always Make mistakes,But we'll Always Stand Tall.

  10. sometimes the right choice is the hardest to make.to make these reports. it's not Easy. yes punishment is a thing..but a permanently banned that is the worst punishment.A Year banned or..a few months would be better then that.A time out corner.people make mistakes even if they know it's wrong..Everyone wants to have Fun.when it's Glitching ,messing around,Joking. Or even wrongfully .People just need to get there bearings straight ,Like i said even if it's wrong..peopleJust need guidance., so i ask myself am i Really Doing the Right thing ?..law and order can really sometimes mess with someone sense of character ,My self conscious.i just..with a Heavy Heart. Am i Really Helping people ? or making things worst.i don't.want to leave a bad to someone i mean even i make mistakes when getting too into the fun, but hey we are only Human After all. I'm Sorry if this was Too long i was just feel a bit Guilty Even if i did the Right thing. i want to be a good person to everyone or try to be.Sometimes being good can be hard..

    1. Katphishe³


      this is a gmod server man its ok

      lovely profile song though

    2. Thatguyuknow


      ive been perma banned twice. now im mod and have been so for more than half a year. to those who are perma banned. own your mistakes, show remorse, and dont make excuses. dont get angry or upset with others and you very well could be unbanned. 

    3. [Agent]Heartstrings


      i Guess you're Right Thanks it would just be a hard choice to make sometimes but you got to do what you got to do

  11. Whatever Fandom you're part of it's ok be yourself and be happy don't let anyone bring you down cuz everyone has a Fandom they like and don't like , and if you don't like the fandom keep it to yourself or say you don't like it but don't bring them down for that Reason.Let them be themselves and so should you But there is sometimes where a person does not Care and would just pick on you for that..i know how it feels but if you have someone anyone to back you up and be on your side then thing will go easy for you..but if you don't try your best to not let it get to you.or seek some help no matter how much it Hurts,

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    2. Smol Smolder

      Smol Smolder

      But normies trigger me.

    3. Samuel


      this is why we love you heartstrings

    4. Thatguyuknow


      im gay

  12. As the Month of Love goes on the Heart Will Find Love Even if it's Small You Will Always Find Love

    1. Samuel
    2. Russell


      Love aint real

  13. Well sorry i'm not on That much lots of stuff is going on and i'm having fun playing Deus Ex and knowing me like the Last Deus Ex game i'm gonna try getting All the Achievements on it let's just hope i don't goof up the Pacifist run last time i did had  i had to replay the whole story but on the hardest mode ..so..not killing anyone and playing on the hardest gamemode makes it even more hard for me oh and Ghost only . but..sadly Knowing Deus Ex there is always gonna be some dirty trick i did that locks me out on an achievement.

  14. Cheese is a Drug and when you eat cheese pizza or anything with cheese it makes you want to have more but if you are eating any kinds of greasy Food make sure you have a carbonated drinks as well it will Help you alot,

  15. No.1  Help as many people as i can.

    No.2 Always show kindness to others.

    No.3 Classic Always Wins

    No.4 Always Stay calm