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  1. Asshole. Couldn't even show a bit of human decency and allow me to show I'm not going to fuck the servers up. Fuck you pussy. I seriously hope your fucking god damned servers get shut down and Ddosed

    1. Draki
    2. OBII.


      This man seems very rational and even minded. 

  2. Fuck you dude. For real. I shouldn't be surprised the kid who got picked on in school doesn't easily forgive people. Instead you jerk yourself off because you think you've done a fine job at keeping your servers clean of anyone you don't deserve worthy of a chance. Seriously fuck you and I hope for the worst for you.

  3. Dude that's bullshit really? You're still not willing to give me another chance? Well fuck you then anyways. I'm fine with no being unbanned but it's bullshit you're not willing to give me another chance. It's nearly the fucking holidays can you not just be a bit forgiven? Seriously eat a dick. Don't want to be unbanned anyways.