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  1. Alright since I can't reply to you on the post ill do so here. You said that I failed to mention that I killed two t's at the beginning of the round. I did no such thing that's why I didn't mention it. I only killed two people Peepee and  JodiHusky. I explained this in my complaint against JodiHusky. Also, Peepee was an innocent and Jodi was the t. Show me proof that I killed two t's at the beginning of the round.

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    2. WettSpaghet


      First of all, I'm a female (clearly, see picture) and I am just stating that this won't get on Pyric's good side. I am also in a call with him and I wouldn't keep on going if I were you. 

    3. WettSpaghet


      continuing to harass him on his profile will lead to a ban 

    4. CrustyTheMoist


      Hey, lil VIP here, a trial staff is still a higher rank than you, and thus qualified to deal with people like you.
      and is still staff, which means they have authority over you, so just keep that in mind.