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  1. A collection of all the current maps from Moat you can get on Steam. To add a collection just go to the link and click "Subscribe to all". All Maps 12.4gb Popular Maps 3.03gb Criteria for Popular Maps: Normal maps with a rating of 68% or higher MC maps with a rating of 60% or higher Specific maps that are picked regularly Specialized maps that may have a low rating, but are better with a low amount of players (airbus, submarine, etc.) If you see something missing just post here. All maps added are based on a list I had a couple weeks ago so there might be a couple new maps on the server.
  2. bind kp_multiply "stop;gm_demo_icon 0;record tempServerRecording; echo ----------------------------------------; echo ----------------------------------------; echo ----------------------------------------; echo Recording started! ; echo ----------------------------------------; echo ----------------------------------------; echo ----------------------------------------" bind kp_minus "stop; echo ----------------------------------------; echo ----------------------------------------; echo ----------------------------------------; echo Recording stopped! ; echo ----------------------------------------; echo ----------------------------------------; echo ----------------------------------------" bind pgup "stop;playdemo tempServerRecording" bind home "demoui2" *It's important to note that this bind method only lets you store one video at a time. This is mainly to be used every map as a temporary demo file to view back if something happens in the server you have to report. If you want to save your file you recorded for later, press keypad minus to stop the recording then you can go to your Garry's Mod directory and search "*.dem" to look for the "tempServerRecording" demo file to rename it to something else to view it later like "MassRDM". Later you can load the demo file to record it into a video file by typing "playdemo MassRDM" in console.