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  1.  its been 6 months since i got permanently banned.

    This was my first ban ever and one TTT round got me perm out? Please reconsider this is the only good ttt server.

    1. Juses Crust, Teh lrod nd saviur.

      Juses Crust, Teh lrod nd saviur.

      These are the only TTT servers and they don't reconsider bans, Look at the track record maybe 1-2 unbans in a year.


      Really sad because Moat became the gatekeepers of TTT and they slammed the door shut and welded the locks.

    2. Morse


      File an unban request if you want to attempt to get unbanned if you were in the right. Contrary to what Juses says, we unban quite frequently, but only if the banned person was banned wrongfully, or through other circumstances.

      edit: just saw you had filed an unban request