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  1. @xXCringyMinecraftPlayer69Xx nah me and jako have t rex modwl 😉
  2. If this gets added o cant wait to blow their fucking brains all over the map. Otherwise, NO ANIME
  3. @Art Deco this cat woman hitbox has been fixed. Hitbox now fits slightly over model. I believe this model was just worked over the normal model and turned into this so it should be fine
  4. Why not. Big fat meme of a model. Looks good and is. Well. Squidward. Need i say more? Model would have to be cosmic/ planetary as ascended or lower is not powerful enough for this god sent https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1787778076 this is a link to a model that looks well made with a functioning hitbox.
  5. As an Australian player, i have a consistently high ping of ~260 on both the eu and normal. So what would happen to me and other pacific region players? Would we be locked out or what?
  6. What about a pick and choose bounty system? so if i wanted to do FAMAS kills i could pick that bounty and do it in any server.