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  1. lol thanks for coming back, im sam. nice to meet you

  2. "Super Swing-Bit Orchestra" - Waterflame


  3. I will see about a some sin counts, but I don't just sin count any staff app, they need to be objectively bad. Mainly they were done on apps that were poorly formatted, that didn't meet directly stated requirements, or that were obviously not going to be approved anyway. If I see a cc making an app with shitloads of playtime and a good message, I can't sin count it. However this is for you.


    Feel free to use this image to deny applicable applicants to which need an application denied for being inapplicable.

  4. "To The Moon" - Dunderpatrullen & FantomenK


  5. "Another Irish Drinking Song" - Da Vinci's Notebook


    1. Ebisu
    2. Mourt


      Another Irish Drinking Song. It about how the singer(s)'s family has all died from alcohol poisoning or other random things while drunk. The singer(s) is talking about drowning his sorrows with alcohol.

  6. This is a base stat list from what it looks like right now, but the addition of highest percentages for each skill on each gun will make it easier to see the "best" gun.
  7. "We Are the Ones" - The Noisy Freaks


  8. Are you the dope man?

    1. Mourt


      You must first describe what your dope men are.

  9. "Labyrinth - Nitro Fun Remix" Nitro Fun

  10. What's the song name?

    1. Mourt


      Another Day (xKore Remix)

      Song created by: Modestep and Popska

  11. "Another Day" By Modestep


  12. "Frontier Justice" By Dapper Dog

  13. "Son of a Preacher Man" By Dusty Springfield