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  1. Can you please tell why you Denied my unban request? I had all the evidence I needed, and the people I rdm forgave me Infact they didn't care. I just want a explanation why.

    1. Randy805™
    2. !23


      Haha you are funny Haha

  2. I'm not trying to make "excuses" i'm trying to say my part of the story which i DIDN'T get to. And i think the reason I was perma banned was a dumb reason.


  3. You denied my appeal but can I just ask when was I rdming other people ? I think i just was throwing  my dynamite and people would go on it and report me.


  4. What is metagaming? 

    1. Samuel


      In your case, letting someone shoot you and then healing is metagaming and is against the rules

    2. CrustyTheMoist


      Metagaming is playing the game the way it wasnt supposed to be played basically.
      Examples of this are: Asking someone to shoot you so you can heal do to a bounty, damaging yourself so you can heal to do a bounty, purposefully teaming up or ignoring confirmed t's so they can win.