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    Destroying anyone that's corrupt and restoring peace through force. Leading The Last Man Battalion Into Combat. Terminating Enemies.
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  1. Alright, i'm actually pissed off.

    You all have driven my girlfriend out of the server and bullied her, you've joked about my suicide attempt and even worse.

    When i get my hands on the people that did this to her. They will be terminated.

    -Sincerely, ScientistA2.

    P.S i've been hospitalised and i've tried to get my gf to play for me.

    1. Deputy Denny moat.gg

      Deputy Denny moat.gg

      They don't care man don't be shocked if you get permabanned they have been cleaning out veteran players who don't donate, sweeping mass permabans for zero reason.

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    2. Deputy Denny moat.gg

      Deputy Denny moat.gg

      Hopefully when the server finally dies they will release the source of their coding so someone can make a better version with minimal mods.

      Wishful thinking this is a cash grab.

    3. Banned
  2. The Infected, Have Been Alerted...!