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  1. @D12 if you did not know this radio logs show all koses and also did he show evidence of hes body and i showed evidence of no kos in radio logs i want my case reopened

  2. +rep

    is the most fuckin epic staff


  3. Damn D12 i saw that video with this rdm yes i rdm you but why are you lying i say sry i think you shoot me and in the post you say i didnt say nothing shame on you


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    2. Masterxm✔ moat.gg

      Masterxm✔ moat.gg


      is already hard to see how some people simply want to get ban of because one was once randomly killed as often as I was already killed randmon and notify because I think it's just a game ok but then so hard to try that I'm banned and then to lie is sad sry

    3. Ro-500


      totally said something in chat


    4. Masterxm✔ moat.gg

      Masterxm✔ moat.gg


      I remember the kill and I know 100% that I said sry I thought you shot me but hey i got 2 days ban for nothing maybe i got more all what i can say its just sad here 😉


    i just joined that round whats this thought he was afk was my first round on server i was walking around 

    thread got closed couldnt respond


    1. D12


      yh re-opened

  5. Im currently trying to grind out to become trial staff (hope i get in..) but am revising every little detail in the rules and still learning XD.