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  1. Loving new Prof Song, lemme know if you recognize it in the first few seconds

  2. Congrats! for being Trial Staff! 😎

    1. Sir StabbyFork

      Sir StabbyFork

      mfw arctic was first trial staff over a year ago.

  3. I have a question.

    I got banned from the discord by saying "Imagine losing 7 mil" about 4 or 5 times back to back in the trading chat right after the 14 million jackpot went off.  Many other people were talking about the jackpot there to and I was banned from it right after.I was wondering how do I get unbanned from the discord server? Since I believe this should not of been bannable since I only put it in chat 4-5 times.

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    2. Taostyy


      @wildmonkei What do you mean by badplaced? 

    3. Morgomir


      @Taostyy badplaced is when a moderator uses a certain command which gives you a badplace enthusiast role which only lets you speak in the badplace chat, it's basically what would essentially be a badsport lobby for gta V

    4. Morgomir


      You're not banned from the server, you're just restricted to a certain channel

  4. TeLLLL  MeEEEEeeeEEEE 🤪

  5. Did you accidentally leave that subscription box checked off when donating to our servers? Do you have absolutely no idea how to cancel it? Well never fear! Thats exactly what this tutorial is all about! There are two methods to canceling a paypal subscription: - A subscription made with a paypal account. - A subscription made without a paypal account (guest checkout). The first one is relatively easy and it only takes a few simple steps: 1. Log into your paypal account at https://www.paypal.com/us/home 2. Make sure you head on over to the payments section after logging in and clicking the settings icon in the top right Should look like this: Go ahead and click "manage automatic payments" 3. You should see a list of your active subscriptions (automatic payments) on the left side, click on the one you wish to cancel. 4. Go ahead and click the "cancel" button next to the "active" status 5. Confirm that you wish to cancel and you should be all set! You should be good! ============================================================================================================= Now if you payed through one time payments or "as a guest" because you didnt have an account or didnt want to sign in. thats okay! Every time you pay, there should be a confimirmation email similar to the one below: Make sure you can locate this in your email because you will need the circled transaction ID on top (mine is blurred for security reasons) Next you will need to call a reprentative using their number 1-888-221-1161. using the transaction ID from the payment, they will be able to verify you as the subscription holder and cancel the payment on the spot. I hope this helped and if you have any questions or concerns you are free to contact me here or on discord at CannibalNaziSpider#2196!
  6. your banner triggers my dormant epilepsy 

  7. Anyone wanna be my gf and go to Hawaii with me next spring break?


    1. Samuel



    2. Jam


      Can I just be your friend who is a girl and go to Hawaii with you?

    3. Morgomir


      I can be the greatest gf :KappaHD:

  8. Ill be honest, go look at my forum profile so I can get to 3k views, first person who notifies me after I have had 3k views will get a special something from me 😉 🍆

  9. I am loving this new PFP as well as my new cover photo!

  10. Hungry as fuck, gunna see the new FBWFT tomorrow.

  11. You have a werid profile song also are you gay ? not to be rude.

    1. gae


      yea he is with me


  12. yo i tried the formal unban request but it won't let me submit because i don't know who banned me

    1. Arctic Freeze

      Arctic Freeze

      You can always just put unknown, the people in charge of doing unbans can figure it out.

    2. Motorsteak


      ok thanks i'll try that