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  1. The management team have decided to properly defined rules for using Alt Accounts to complete bounties multiple times. Using Alt Accounts to complete bounties, even if you have already completed them on another account, is not punishable. However; - Transferring Bounty Rewards/ IC to a different account is NOT ALLOWED. Any item or IC earned on an account needs to stay on the same account. - Items rolled or bought on an alt account should also stay on the same account. End Round drops are unaffected and can be transferred between accounts. The reason we have chosen to implement this guideline is because it can easily be considered farming and exploiting the bounty system. Anyone caught abusing/ breaking these guidelines will receive an inventory wipe. This change has been added to the Guideline Spreadsheet.
  2. cannibal I lost 175k  for no reason now I'm at 0ic plz with help I need helpwith it 😞

    1. The Suess

      The Suess

      losing in VS is a hell of a drug

  3. Hungry as fuck, gunna see the new FBWFT tomorrow.

  4. You have a werid profile song also are you gay ? not to be rude.

    1. gae


      yea he is with me


  5. yo i tried the formal unban request but it won't let me submit because i don't know who banned me

    1. CannibalNaziSpider


      You can always just put unknown, the people in charge of doing unbans can figure it out.

    2. Motorsteak


      ok thanks i'll try that


  6. Ew

    1. GengA moat.gg

      GengA moat.gg

      I agree with this comment

  7. New profile song in honor of @Dante Come give it a listen, he deserves it. So long my guy and good luck in life!!!



    P.S. its safe to say we will all miss you! :BibleThump:

  8. Some of y'all got shit out for me for whatever reason but you will be happy to know that its working. Ill probably be leaving soon.

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    2. Cannabis Corpse

      Cannabis Corpse

      @Arctic Freezei coulda sworn you used to have a collection of sr25s

    3. CannibalNaziSpider


      Uhhh the most I had was 3, my Celebratory, T3 and T4

    4. Spectrophile


      arctic man, levelling with you when I say some people got beef w you and im sure its mutual. but you're a solid staff and a fun as hell guy to be around. If you need to take a break, definitely do that before you burnout. care about u homie 

  9. Someone date me <3

  10. Arctic Is the event today?

    1. CannibalNaziSpider


      No it is tomorrow whenever I wake up, and if you cant make it then I will post all the outcomes on the thread


  11. My profile song trumps yours