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  1. so when are the dailies gonna go back to normal lmao

    1. Pyric


      Pretty much never im guessing. This is a change the community's been asking for, for a while.

  2. hey so if I did a daily and I didn't get the ic for it, am I shit outta luck or can I get helped out

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    2. Samuel


      sol tbh, and im doing great, hbu? 😮

    3. Pyric


      I'm good, wby.

      Also, you're kinda shit outta luck. Part of the problem is its hard/impossible to get all the evidence we'd need to comp a daily. We've found in the past that almost every bounty comp ticket, the player either didn't complete the daily yet, completed it earlier without realizing it, or got the rewards and didn't realize it.

    4. Cereal_


      Thanks for the explanation my man, I wasn't sure how things were you know?

  3. no, i don't have anything meaningful to add. why do you ask

  4. You can have a profile song???