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  1. STEAM_0:1:126998800 will be banned for one day for purp rdm.
  2. @Stevenfinite Do you have a shot of his name when he pushed you? His name isn't shown in the vid.
  3. i've added baloni on steam, he has 24 hours to respond to the complaints
  4. Could you please take a screenshot of every RDM in the future, if it turns out he rdm'ed more than 3 people we could hit him for perma. Anyway, i've added Beags on Steam. he has 24 hrs to respond.
  5. Please save evidence before you make a complaint, we do not have chat logs of everything that is being said in game.
  6. @DemonOoOLegion Do you have the dmg logs? If not, please press F8 in the future to show the damage logs of the round you were killed on and take a pic of that to submit as proof.