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  1. It seems that you closed my ticket regarding JPH without actually investigating anything. As said in my edit, yes JPH eventually handled the case, however did anyone at all get him to timestamp his activity as to 1: when the report was filed, 2: when the report was handled... I think whoever reviewed the case is glossing over the entire point of the complaint, and is blindly accepting the staff's rebutle as an excuse to let him go.

    Point: JPH was negligent, and was offputting their responsibility when the report mattered.

    Just because he handled the case *eventually* does not mean the case was handled correctly (or within the scope of his responsibilities). In fact, the reported player only got punished after I decided to leave the server which stated in the post was basically after the whole map rotation (8+ some rounds), and caught the message just before i d/ced, which at that point means nothing.

    I would have liked to send this as a reply to the post or pm'd u, but u closed the ticket WAY too soon, in my opinion, and there doesnt seem to be a pm function on the forums