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  1. Disagree, 2 is enough and like Artic said you can just hop server.
  2. That is not a good idea, if the gun were fall into the wrong handed thing could go wrong.
  3. Example of Secondaries weapons: Luger with two type of choice and this could be the new future for new weapons being added. (You can change short barrel for long one with more acurracy and range but less damage because of DMG drop, depends on how far away the target is from your current position) Luger.mhtml Gold Outlaw Revolver, a old generations type of weapons that's really complicated to design and to be added into the game. Revolver1.mhtml Revolver2.mhtml Revolver3.mhtml Gold Outlaw Revolver, the second generations with more creativity and complicated because they have a long blade got attached into the gun under the barrel to be used as a melee weapons during closer combat range. Revolver4.mhtml Lucifer & Jennifer, the reasons why i suggesting to add this gun is because since we have a lot of single hand weapons and double handed weapons so i think we need more double wielding weapons. Lucifer and Jennifer.mhtml Lucifer and Jennifer2.mhtml Black Power Revolver, the only secondary can shoot multiple shot at the same time and it could related to a small pocket shotgun like the Flak but much more accuracy coned and longer time to reloading for each shot. The Black Power.mhtml Tactical Hunting Crossbow, a small one handed weapons that being used to hunting small and medium sized animals but it also effective against human, the reasons why i suggesting added *Crossbow* is because if we have Normal Bow and Tactical Bow, why not a Crossbow ? Tactical Crossbow.mhtml Mini Revolver, a small sized dual wielding gun weapons being designed to sneak attack enemy without they notice. Mini Revolver Doubled Handed.mhtml Mini Revolver Doubled Handed2.mhtml Example of Melee Weapons: Supreme Brick, a brick.... it just a brick and cost a lot..... expensive..... really is expensive. Supreme Brick.mhtml Classic German Axes, a classic axes used for chopping wood and log but also effective against human. Classic Germany Axes.mhtml Lamp, a lamp which is have a special effect upon hit, so basically the first hit will dealt a critical damage and cause the lamp break and shatter then after that each hit will dealt 10% extra damage because of the sharpness from the broken lamp. Lamp.mhtml Duo Dagger, a double wielding melee that have a good attack speed and there's two type of attack, first attack is a simple attack swing once of each arm and dealt a decent amount of damage to the enemy and leave them some scary wounds, the specials attack is swing them both at the same time and cross back and in made the sharp edge cut the enemy, then the sharp point stabbing the enemy at the same time. Duo Life Stealer.mhtml Example of Throw ables Object/Weapons: Throwable but deadly, an throwable weapon that could dealt a massive amount of damage upon hit but the accuracy is really hard to get used to, it required some high skilled to used and you have total of 5 time and it take you about seven to ten seconds each time throw because duo to the fact it might come in too handy for the user and might get remove, in close range when you throw it and hit some body it won't do much damage because the closer you are from the target the damage will be less, but the futher the target are the more damage you do but the accuracy is more less. Throw Ables Dagger.mhtml Deck of Card, a Deck of Card that can be throw and not too deadly, it dealt a little bit of damage but watch out!! they might kill somebody you never know!?!?!
  4. This thing shouldn't exits it the first place, still not going to change my opinions about not adding it into the game.
  5. More like you're too lazy to doing the daily itself, dislikes go and get less lazy as well suggesting something helpful not like this.
  6. Why do you even think this is a good idea, terrible it just basicly runied the fun of the game, i rather them stay how it supposed to be till moat decided to add new items.
  7. Reload stats is way too op, that should not exits in the first place, Draw is depends on some weapons and Click/Juan weapons is already op you don't need those stats to make them more broken and made people gone crazy and begged for the stats be nerfed again, not worth. disagree
  8. If the kick is reduce, it basicly make the gun itself turn into a alien weapons which is most likely just like a sniper but it's more like a Assault rilfe type, all you do is sit there and just spam the gun while no needed skills to use the gun, less fun not agreed.
  9. If they spam C4 then don't you know to going around and search for them then destroy the all ? or might just kill the T and get the corrects Wires informations off their body and defuse the bomb, that why defusing exits.
  10. Why would you add that ? people can just easily exploit some map that you could basicly neither blink to get out of the map and hide there forever or shoot back into the map while outside of the map and no body can see you, meanwhile you asking for smth that give you a ability that shouldn't exits and would change the gameplay of TTT Entierly, Terrible idea, dislikes
  11. In-Game Name of Offender: Baelynn and Cancer{moat.gg} and bruh تأخير SteamID of Offender: STEAM_1:0:151300242 STEAM_0:0:139648946 STEAM_0:1:7841345 Which server was this on?: TTT Minecraft #1 Date of Incident: 01/16/2020 Report Reason: Abusing votekicking What Happened: So what happen was i was connecting to Minecraft#1 And when i was in-game the round were started and i was busy doing smth and didn't pay much attentions to the game and i was a innocent, i was walking around and looking around and then suddently i got votekicking by Cancer Aka friends of Bruh and Baelyn and the fact that Baelyn and Bruh really hates me and has tried false votekicking me for several time now for false reasons such as AMRDM/PurpAMRDM and today is for Trolling but they actually success doing it because everyone were voting yes and i don't know what i have done wrong when i littery join the server and doesn't do anything beside walking around as a innocents and doing nothing. I also collecting some proof showing that Bruh and Baelyn were trolling wasn't taking thing serious and Baelyn RDM me for no reasons in my T round few days ago as well Baelyn also throwing object that also cause Damage over time toward me and T baiting then get called out KOS for t bait and his KOS me back for false KOS and kill me instantly when he saw me as a innocents and this is not the first time Baelyn/Bruh and Cancer doing this together as well, they've been doing this when the server were fresh wiped and find out i was return to the server and play again. Were there any staff members online? If yes, who?: No Witnesses: Evidence: Do you understand you may not flame/harass in the replies?: Yes
  12. What if we do like this, i haven't really seen anyone rn have more than 20mil IC before the IC wrapped bug-glitched happen a while agos and let start from 10mil, who ever have 10mil and still haven't spend it at the end of the months they need to paid 10% taxes aka 1mil IC and that would goes to a foundations named smth smth smth and it's been create to stores the taxes and ready to refunding people when the crysis happen again it's like a system where you also have somewhere to stores taxes and can be ables give to those who needed when the IC glitch-bug might happen again so it just like a example of mine but just like wendy said the richer you're the more taxes you need to paid and if you refused to paid the taxes you will be warned and might even be forces to paid or else they will take your good from your inventory have a equal amount of prices to paid it. (Idkn wtf am i talking about rn)
  13. What if the taxes applies only to the rich and not the poor ? Equally.