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  1. yo whats so funny about my report about me being purp RDMd?

    1. SHADY


      It looked like it was the end of the round ! When it was over time when you got killed. I could not really see the time . Maybe it was over time and he killed you ?  Good luck. 

  2. why isn't slim in your name? are you a fake eminem

    1. SHADY


      It just shady . Look at my profile pic:  It's a lamp shade ) 

      To old for that shit called slim shady.  lol 

  3. Just wishing everyone a Happy 4th .

    Have fun and be safe. 


  4. Sorry but you lost a member that was donating 100.00 per month .

    You need to look at a few of your admins , mod: For  Perm-Banned  players that should not be perm- banned .

    You have admin and players that hate players that have better items then they do or they just don't like the way the person talks . So they try to get the person perm- banned.  Then afterward the same person on your servers jokes about how he got the person perm-ban.   Sad 

    If you want to talk to me add me on steam.  

    Thank you for your time. 


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    2. Deputy Denny moat.gg

      Deputy Denny moat.gg

      I agree this community has absolutely ruined TTT, Zero servers for this Gmod mode besides moat, The head staff ban without warning for people who have never committed an offense if they don't like you, I was banned for "Metagaming" even though it should have been "Attempted Metagaming" reported by a player who I had won 300k from a 877 IC Jackpot, After I won that I unboxed my first cosmic, shortly after that he reported me obviously for awhile because I was randomly slapped with a metagaming ban rounds after.


      Then without ever even being told what defines metagaming and never being told you can't use the same IP otherwise it permabans your accounts I logged on my brother's account just to gamble and it autopermabanned my brother's and autopermabanned mine, Staff responded "You can submit a appeal but you likely won't be unbanned for a very long time -Suess minutes after that Jam simplied replied "Denied" without any exposition, I was kicked/muted from discord after it... Key here is draconian style of admin abuse, The owner is MIA and the head admins run the show and also judge their own complaints against them, Clearly power tripping, I've ran enough gaming servers and seen enough in my time to know this is the death throws of a server, once the "Cute Female" gains power that's all she wrote you cannot win an argument or have your voice heard again.


      Course when 15-22 year olds are running a server who was clearly coded by someone of higher caliber your gonna run into issues.


      Oh also few admins followed me once I left the discord and accepted my fate to continue to poke fun and prod that I was banned after unboxing a cosmic... you can enjoy this server while it lasts but know it's wasted time.

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    3. EGULL


      You shouldn't be told by an admin what meta-gaming is. You should already know what it is as a ttt player and know the rules of a server before playing. I bet you an admin didn't tell you what RDMing was but, you figured it out on your own. What happened to you was unfortunate but still shouldn't be blaming an admin or staff for your mishap. Also just because they are 15-22 doesn't limit their knowledge on how to run a ttt server. That is why this server is better than it ever was.

    4. Deputy Denny moat.gg

      Deputy Denny moat.gg

      Actually a system where they give no insight into what certain rules are and punish without education is the definition of draconian law.


      Even in the US we don't punish without first looking at the facts, This came into place via draconian law where people would be put to death for stealing an apple and they used oral law so only the hyper rich knew what was illegal and the poor didn't...


      Funny thing is the servers are becoming increasingly unstable because no foresight into seeing that creating this many crates with crappy items and a nonstop adding to the server has made a filedump that will continue to butcher the stability of Moat.

      Give it a few months and you will see them discussing a full wipe of the server betcha.

  5. Just want to wish everyone a great week ahead! Game on.


  6. Hey sorry ! I just wanted to know if my info on the website will be removed ! For the bad per ban that was not anything to do with me. I don;t think it right for it to be up there like i had a per ban before. Thank you for your time! . I want a clean record . Let me know ! thanks ,