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  1. I will legit rape the shit out of you like I would actually pick you up against the wall and fuck your e-girl pussy while your kid is standing in the corner with a phone posting it on snapchat. This is for all the people that you have banned you fucking slut i will nut in you, NIGGER.

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      The fuck? Lmao 

  2. I once enjoyed this server, I would spend countless hours getting IC through dailies than I realized that this IC is used to gamble...little kids would take their mothers credit card and purchase IC Via the store. You got them hooked on gambling IC like its crack cocaine. You should be ashamed of yourself making all this money off little kids you pathetic, ignorant little cunt. One day will come when you will be rdmed in real life but no admin will be on to deal with it. Your life is a joke you piece of shit I hope the FBI comes to your house and finds all those nudes you have on Jam that fucking e-girl you are in love with, NIGGER.

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      Wowzer Dowzerz!

      Gee wiz I sure do ❤️ you

      Never change 😉

  4. Added you on steam on your fpsmisha account add me back I need to tell you something 🙂