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  1. stupid fucking nigger. i swear your fate will be the same as your little fuck boy motato nigger. fucking retarded fat ass that should be worrying about a family than a fucking stupid dead gmod community. I wouldnt be surprised if you choose these shitty moat servers over your family, even if they were dead. fucking disgusting piece of shit.

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    2. The Suess

      The Suess

      Enjoy circle jerking your tox boyfriends

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      shhhh they gonna rdm you irl brooooooooooo


    4. BananaBoi
  2. cant fucking wait to hire my sand nigger friend to fuck the shit out of your fake ass kid and then pick your kid up to fucking rape your corpse thats on the ground.

    1. Jam


      That’s fucked bruh 

  3. I heard someone recently exposed your little fucking bitch ass. Stupid corrupted staff. You are literally the epitome of mental retardation. Literally hope that you and your fucking family dies with no remorse from the moat.gg community. You are silencing the truth you little cunt.  Fuck you. You literally not jack shit. Probably a stupid fat cunt that needed to start and bully servers because they are a fucking no life IRL that sits at home alone because their family has anthrax. Fucking hoping you are just another Etika part 2.