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  1. If you have played for long enough you probably are aware of all of this, maybe something could be new to you. Here are ways to tell if someone might be a traitor given where they are, what they do, and how they act (when they aren't obviously doing traitor type stuff). **Don't kill players that you suspect are traitors unless you have a vaid reason (RIGHTFUL KILL)** 1. Identifying Possible Taitors - Traitor Movement: Think back when you last played as a T. When you were a T you weren't worried that someone would kill you (besides an RDMer). So as an innocent: * You kept your distance - If a player came up to you, you would back off. * You were vigilant - You kept checking traitor doors to see if a traitor would open it. * You followed a group of players or detectives so you had an edge against a traitor - Traitors look for innocents that are alone in the map. Or near tight spaces like hallways and doorways. * You were more willing to test (obvious one). * You avoided places that a traitor would most likely be in or put you at risk. The lighthouse and Nether in minecraft_b5 for example. All the things and innocent would usually do the traitor would not. Easy. Examples: a) Player A is camping a corner watching the rest of the players, suddenly Player B moves to his direction and Player A moves out of the way. [PLAYER A: LIKELY INNOCENT] b) A player walks in to a room with a group of players, say a tester room, and is asked to test. He then leaves. [LIKELY TRAITOR] - The Map As I said, traitors usually look for innocents that are alone in the map, or they go where there are tight spaces to easily take out innocents. Traitors could also go far away from innocents to snipe them. Mostly in a high place. Let's take innocentmotel for example: * The basement is an open area where you can easily move around, move to cover, and indentify players that are around you. Here you will find many players, so the traitors won't do anything here yet (too risky). * The main floor has many tight spaces where a traitor could easily kill you, such as doorways to a room, or the hallway near the detective room. It doesn't mean anyone in this area is guaranteed a traitor though, they just usually start killing innocents here. You can see this in minecraft_b5 (lighthouse). * The spawn might have AFK players, so the traitor might stick around near the bathrooms and kill the AFKs when the coast is clear. This could be the same for every map (Ts camping AFKs). And minecraft_b5: * The lighthouse is a good spot for traitors as they can kill innocents as they climb ladders. They can also snipe on top of the lighthouse or through windows. * Nether - Traitors can camp the nether portal to kill any innocents that teleport to the nether. When I see a player teleport out of this area after the game has been going on for a while, I'm more suspicious of them (usually varies depending what has happened in the round). 2. How To Act: You don't have to follow exactly this, do what you can given your situation. 1) Always try to move as much as possible to get the rightful kill in case they shoot and miss. 2) If you suspect two players or more, try to aim where you can see them as close together as possible. (Like they are behind each other) 3) Ask them to test. Do not kill them for this reason but tell other players. 4) Say "[SUSPECTED PLAYER] is a traitor no kos.". So other players are aware. 5) AVOID SMALL SPACES OR DOOR WAYS. 6) Have your back face a wall or an area you don't think has players. 7) Stay near a detective or players you believe are proven innocents or you think are innocents. Hopefully this helps you in your next game