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  1. 1. If someone is standing still and adjusting their crosshair to your head while you are moving. (this happens all the time because people aren't confident to take a shot so they wait until you stop moving) 2. If you walk past someone and they turn around and follow you 3. If they are getting rdmd by someone or just shot in general and they say "Why are you rdming me? " - an innocent would just call a kos 4. They keep trying to get really close to you(probably so they can knife you). 5. They are running at you super fast with a DB or Mossberg in hand. 6. It is late in the game and you are in a spot away from others (Ex. the music room on 67th way) and they come slithering on by trying to "hang" with you 7. They are in an area away from others and are looking through their sniper scope (I usually just sit behind them and wait until they snipe at someone) 8. You see them looking down on a group of people with a babynade or TnT in hand (shits about to go down) 9. Oh and if you ask mae if shes a traitor 9/10 times she will tell the truth