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  1. Hey Wild, i was banned for rdming somone twice, and i have to admit, i was in the wrong, the FIRST time. The victim uploaded two videos of me rdming him. The first time was rdm, i admit, but the second video didnt show any proof of rdm. i didnt pursue him the second time, because i was satisfied the first time. But the second time was not rdm, he was a traitor and started shooting me, and i killed him, simple as that. So with that being said, i would really like it if would look over the second video of me "rdming him" again, or add me so we can talk about this. I really love this server, this is the only server i play on, thank you. - sorry for this long ass paragraph...


    1. wildmonkei


      So you killed him for yelling at you? Thats still rdm, wait out the ban, and play nice in the future

    2. XO$ [moat.gg]

      XO$ [moat.gg]

      did u even look at the second video, the second time was not rdm, ye i was trying to provoke him because he rdmed me before i revenge rdmed him, man u probably dont give the slightest fuck about me but man im just saying he isnt totally "innocent" he killed me, i killed him, the thing is i didnt report him, so ye just something you need to consider