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  1. Dailies: 1. Change/remove no equipment. Maybe limited equipment, like only explosive equipment. 2. Add weeklys as well to dailies. 3. For weapon specific dailies, let the TE and other versions for guns count, like ak47 TE count for AK47 daily. Wacky rounds: 1.Third person, and fast rounds, high fov rounds should be removed. 2. Add rounds where everyone has the same skin, everyone is 1/4 the size but has big jumps, Everyone has the same gun, and its a paintball gun. default rounds, where everything is vanilla ttt. melee only rounds too. A no voice coms round? Have a round being the Hidden. Boss rounds: Many spawns are broken in boss rounds because of t traps, either people get stuck in t rooms or get stuck in t traps. I have spawned there a ferw times on various maps. Other suggestions: 1.Have a few servers be fast servers: meaning 5 rounds before map change, max of 12 people per server, no voting on new maps, no wacky rounds or boss rounds in that server. 2. For all guns in the description have it say wether it is an ar, sniper, dmr, smg, shotty, etc, etc