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  1. I have a question.

    I got banned from the discord by saying "Imagine losing 7 mil" about 4 or 5 times back to back in the trading chat right after the 14 million jackpot went off.  Many other people were talking about the jackpot there to and I was banned from it right after.I was wondering how do I get unbanned from the discord server? Since I believe this should not of been bannable since I only put it in chat 4-5 times.

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    2. Taostyy


      @wildmonkei What do you mean by badplaced? 

    3. Morgomir


      @Taostyy badplaced is when a moderator uses a certain command which gives you a badplace enthusiast role which only lets you speak in the badplace chat, it's basically what would essentially be a badsport lobby for gta V

    4. Morgomir


      You're not banned from the server, you're just restricted to a certain channel

  2. Would like to talk about my ban appeal.

    1. Taostyy


      I was not told about or saw the ban appeal rules,I understand this likely won't change the ban appeal but it was completely unintentional and want to reinstate my ban appeal that was denied.

    2. Jam


      I’ll talk about the Ban with you but the Appeal is Denied for the reason I posted. The rules are stated in two different places. If your Appeal is Denied, then you must wait a week to post another one and in your case, it will already be served.