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  1. https://gyazo.com/74d87b2c6597049b5d15763b48b8b89f
    Okay so i cant comment on my own application about this but thats such a bs excuse to keep me banned. I didn't talk to anyone about my unban forum apart from saying i'll be making one later. I NEVER asked anyone to comment on it and i didn't lie in any shape or form.....

    Im willing to talk to you more about this if you want, though I doubt ill be given the chance

    1. wildmonkei
    2. Jerry.


      I still dont get that rule tbh, I didnt tell anyone to comment on it and i still didnt lie,

      Oh well. Ill make a 3rd one in a week i guess

    3. BananaBoi


      i don't know what part u couldn't understand but ok