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  1. I will not have to contact the player as this evidence is pretty clear The First kill is Purp RDM, but the 2 other kills are classed as defence as they both shot at him first The Traitor on traitor kill is also Purp rdm therefore, akatsukigarfield STEAM_0:1:147598217 will be banned for 2x purp rdm
  2. Unfortunately without any prior knowledge of where the player was it not possible to decide if the kill is rightful or not, there are 2 deaths prior to the Kill in question, and without death scene it is impossible to know where the victim was stood.
  3. I understand that, and that's good feedback and I'm sure its something we will look into in the future, For now if you DM wildmonkei I'm sure he will be happy to provide you with a reason(not to talk on his behalf), just remember he is a team of 1 and gets a tonne of dm's and some might get missed. Thanks for the Feedback
  4. As someone who interviews ALOT in real life the references are one of the most important parts of any resume.
  5. The resume is like any job application you get in most real life jobs, First obviously we need your details, name, discord name, playtime and previous bans' ect then to see if you actually meet the criteria or the job (minimum requirements) and the 100 words part is to tell us about yourself and why you should be accepted, so-and-so forth, and the community feedback is like the references part of the application People who worked/played with you, people who know what you are like in game and how well you help or don't help others, you don't bring people onto the team without references,
  6. We make it hidden so people can give honest feedback without any backlash, People hold things back and won't comment / give feedback in fear of them getting griefed about a valid comment they made.
  7. feedback posts on Staff apps from the community are hidden, you wouldn't know who has commented on the post as they are not made public for anonymity, the reactions are not the only feedback that is received.
  8. Closee due to the request of the player making the complaint
  9. Unfortunately we cannot accept copy and pasted evidence as evidence due to the fact anyone can edit them. Do you have any other evidence other than the text, for an effective way of gathering evidence please Read this guide wrote by wildmonkei
  10. Get on my horse has been sent a friend request on steam and will have 24 hours to respond otherwise I will review without their input