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  1. btw it wasnt RDM 

    1. [sups.gg] StrawIowa39

      [sups.gg] StrawIowa39

      i even post it he lied saying it was round started but it was a 27 sec and there was a KOS


  2. Jonathan Joestar dies in Avengers endgame

    1. Killer Queen

      Killer Queen

      Banned for spoilers smh

  3. Grats on 1k rep 🎉

    1. Jam


      Thank you, son :3

  4. -rep Not the actual Killer Queen

  5. Being gay is a requirement to be staff.

    Screenshot_20190313-111024_Free Adblocker Browser.jpg

    1. Banned


      that requirement would be gay

  6. Bring back the dumb reaction

    Also new pfp and profile cover

    1. Killer Queen

      Killer Queen

      New profile music now 😂

  7. ..................

    1. ✿TornadoTatsumaki✿moat.gg
    2. Samuel


      You broke the rules. regardless of what happened after you RDMed, you still broke the rules. Once unbanned, press f1 and f3 to read all of the rules for TTT and Moat Gaming. and if you have proof of this other player RDMing you, make a player complaint https://moat.gg/forums/forms/5-player-complaint-form/. Think about it and hopefully, you can be a fun and rule-abiding person to play with.

  8. Por favor explíqueme cual fue el motivo de mi ban, quiero jugar en el server :c y no quiero aguantar 2 dias por algo que ni siquiera se. Gracias .

    1. Jam


      "Please explain to me what was the reason for my ban, I want to play on the server: c and I do not want to endure 2 days for something I do not even know. Thank you ."

    2. Raide350♠ |

      Raide350♠ |

      In general I have no idea why they gave me Ban


    3. Raide350♠ |

      Raide350♠ |

      I did not do anything wrong.
      I do not understand I was playing normal like everyone else.

  9. hola quisiera saber porque me dio ban? no entiendo no cometi nada malo... 

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    2. Raide350♠ |

      Raide350♠ |

      because they gave me ban?Insert other media

    3. Killer Queen

      Killer Queen

      IDK who this is

    4. Raide350♠ |

      Raide350♠ |

      what is IDK?

  10. New profile song poggers

  11. How to win: 1. Equip health bloom 2. use beastmode 3. ??? 4. congratulation you killed everyone