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  1. Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:17530767 Rank Applying For: Moderator Why do you want to be promoted?: With the most recent ban wipe, player complaints are becoming more frequent as previously banned players are allowed in-game once again. I understand that all staff have a life outside of this game; no one can spend all of their time moderating. I want to be promoted because I could help to lighten the load on the current moderators. This is in more ways than one-I could also properly punish players for mass RDM and other offences requiring a longer ban than I can add as a trial staff., instead of needing an administrator to change the length of the ban. An extra moderator would also help to keep the wait times on player complaints to a minimum to ensure they are all dealt with expeditiously. What could you further contribute towards if you were promoted?: If I were to be promoted, the biggest thing I could contribute toward the community is the ability to handle player complaints, as well as other forum duties. While moderator in-game commands are expanded (mic battery, slay mid round, etc.), access to those is not what I believe would be my biggest contribution to the community. I have been a very active staff member, often online and in game late into the early morning hours. I have handled countless in-game reports ranging from simple accidental RDM to purp mass RDM, and am comfortable doing so. As I am very comfortable handling in-game reports, I believe I am ready to handle player complains, which is one of the moderator's biggest responsibilities. I also do not shy away from work; I take the effort to ban people for bannable offence instead of adding a slay when a situation is clearly purp RDM. With a shortage of staff at the moment, and new Trial staff likely on the way, in this new role I will be better able to help new Trial staff get a better sense of how to operate properly, and how to handle reports. In conclusion, in the new role I could contribute to the community better by helping lighten the load on current staff handling player complaints, helping to ensure that all complaints are handled swiftly, and would be in a better role to help coach newer trial staff in the art of staffing a server. Do you fully understand your duties if you are promoted?: Yes. How often will you be able to fulfill your duties if promoted?: Quite frequently.