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  1. is this where i send private messages?

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      Yes you’re in the right place👍

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  2. wacky rounds suck ass

  3. can I please be unbanned?

  4. delay=slay is no more, now its delay=gay

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      Does that mean gay = slay? 🤔

  5. My profile song never changed but i need more profile views 🙂

  6. Is this the PMs?

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      Are u banned? Tell me all about it so I can insta deny. :CoolStory:


  8. ive never seen anyone be killed for this, only proven if you ID the body as a inno and call the det to the T body. if the det gets credits from the body then you are PROVEN, because u cant ID a body without taking credits, but u can take credits without ID'ing. you should probably erase #6 I'd like to add some of my own. 1. sometimes when someone isnt actively trying to defend themselves they might be a T. (ex: running around holstered, or with a melee out) this is not always the case some people just like to mess around as a inno. 2. players who talk too much/ask too many questions. i refer to this as the "why" traitors. "why are you hurt?" "why are you running away?" "who is that shooting?" "how did you get over there?" "why am i KOS?" these traitors often talk very vaguely and too me it seems they try to break your concentration and shoot you before you get the chance to reply as you reach for the push to talk or type in chat. you dont owe them any response you can leave your reasoning for a !report if it comes to that. traitors can also panic if they think they are going to lose a gunfight and will false KOS. watch out for those people that say "i just killed a traitor" but dont ID a body, or ID an inno/det. DONT EVER TRUST ANYONE WITH A MIC 3. My all time favorite is when someone screams they are being rdm'd! Innos dont get RDM'd (unless by another inno/det but you really shouldnt be able to know that), innos are killed by traitors and call a KOS. so when someone is screaming RDM before the body is ID'd u can be almost certain they are a t, and if they kill that inno then you can blow their brains out.
  9. What's on your mind?

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      Life is actually shit right now but its better making other people happy (with contests and events)