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  1. um i got banned for no reason i went afk for about 2 hours then i got kicked bec im afk right no but i did not play until like 4 days or lower then when i went to a sever it said BANNED for 1 week - reason hatefull content - 1st offense so idk what happed just telling you guys


  2. Get well cat person. Then join ttt. And open up store for more donations.

  3. thanks for a second chance

  4. Bitch give me community lead and ill tickle everybody

  5. lol give admin or ill ban you

    1. Scopes


      Bruh you high.

  6. Moat Can I get a hug? I'm very lonely.

  7. get help before you drag everyone else around you down with yourself


    your behavior and influence on this community is a joke.

  8. Moat. what is your favorite song?

    Mine is Sunshine - Charlie Heat

  9. Cole, I love you. No homo 🤗

    1. moat


      Extra homo with skittles like the tropical kinds

    2. Scopes


      Skittles are Good. Love those type of flavors.


  10. I should not sit on this couch and watch Netflix

    1. Duck OwO
    2. Kaktus
    3. Scopes


      do whatever you want moat. it's your life ❤️

  11. I should take pouty mouth pics for my press kit

    1. Methelin
    2. Crimson_SDG


      @MethelinCrimson_SDG#6757 send me some


  12. I should defy the rules of logic

  13. I should invent some quirky new merchandise product

  14. I just want to rap good and not sell breadsticks

  15. The letter J is 400-500 years old