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  1. Hey I paid $95 of points and didn't get the goods. it is the right ID and I tried to rejoin for it. whats happening?


    1. WettSpaghet


      In order to resolve an issue like this, you must contact Moat in a forum PM. After that please be patient as he is a busy person, he will get to it as soon as he can!

  2. Idk who's cuter tbh

    You or Jerry🤔 

    (Cute as in awww, not "damn he cute")

  3. Hand-drawn avatar of cat: Check.

    Cat has unique features, that make it different than a normal cat (Glowing eyes): Check.

    I think you might be a furry. Sorry, bud.

    1. Erion



    2. Morgomir


      What is this monstrosity? 

  4. Your cat looks like a leopard. Pretty epic if i do say so myself

  5. Hey so last month I bought support credits and i thought i clicked no to the annual payments. I cant seem to find the option to cancel in the automatic payments on paypal. It just got charged again and i would like to cancel the automatic payments and maybe get a refund Arctic freeze on discord recommended me to talk to you about it.

    1. Françoise Appledelhi

      Françoise Appledelhi

      I made a post that shows how to cancel it, as for the refund part, that's all up to Moat.

    2. fire.


      Send him a PM about it (on the forums), that's how he likes to handle donation issues 😉

  6. Hey Moat I dont know if you remember me but I bought vip back in 2017 but I am not currently showing up as vip on any of the servers. I am in the vip section on the discord channel though. I dont know if there is any way to see if i was vip back then but if you could I would like to be put back into vip status if possible. Thank you.

  7. Hey, I lost 100k Ic bcs of a bug on the second of January, Jam told me on the 3rd January that it is Approved, I want to ask you if you are able to give me back the IC.

    I am not sure if you are the right person to contact tho 😕



    1. Samuel


      sadly, moat is a busy guy. He will get to your comp ticket as soon as he can, but right now, giving people IC isnt a priority. Be patient and god moat will bless you with the ic you desire

    2. heybebe
  8. You reacted disagree to my post saying I didn't my hat from the hat/mask thread, but I actually didn't get it. I got the hatty hattington hats, no Daft Punk mask. I would like it please.

    1. Samuel


      naenaed on my boy 


  9. see I don't get why I lost 175k for no reason I don't know if this is a punishment or something XD

  10. I have been banned for 2 days and its been 2 days wtf

    1. CannibalNaziSpider


      I recommend you join at the end of the day, as bans go up to the minute, not the day so unless you dont remember the exact minute of your ban.

    2. copyright
  11. O powerful Mr. Motato, I have moat.gg in my name but have not been getting the support credits that I should have gotten when I claimed them.  The IC finds its way into my walet  nbut not the SC please tel me what I am doing wrong.

  12. Sorry to ever interrupt on what you were doing. But I need a favor. I accidentally bought IC with my support credits thinking that I was going to get more support credits. If you can, may you please turn the unspent, accidentally bought, IC back into support credits?


  13. Dear, Motato

    Could you donate a Green gun or a Yellow gun. It would be my first.




    1. Françoise Appledelhi

      Françoise Appledelhi


    2. MisterWhy
    3. yraidnecnI


      donn do it he dumm face.  giv rainbow gun me. 



  14. Don't flex on us so hard Daddy Motato we get it you got dem Planetaries.