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  1. is there a reason your steeling money from us image0.jpg

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    2. TheMaxBork


      first off, what? second off, Stolid is right, clean your god damn screen.

    3. JMD Bᵣᵤₕ
    4. dad please come home
  2. 🦀

    1. Zach.


      is this crab talk for "unban me on discord" pepega

  3. why am I still banned

  4. Whats it like being a [REDACTED}

  5. nice cat pfp

  6. I didnt accept the auto peypent and it took a 100 dollars from my paypal I want my money back

  7. unban plssss


    1. Jam


      Make an unban request. Stop spamming Moat

    2. Humancowcakes


      I don't see him complaining?

  8. unban pls


    1. DJ Diamond Bear >:(

      DJ Diamond Bear >:(

      Na stay banned ya monkey.

  9. I once enjoyed this server, I would spend countless hours getting IC through dailies than I realized that this IC is used to gamble...little kids would take their mothers credit card and purchase IC Via the store. You got them hooked on gambling IC like its crack cocaine. You should be ashamed of yourself making all this money off little kids you pathetic, ignorant little cunt. One day will come when you will be rdmed in real life but no admin will be on to deal with it. Your life is a joke you piece of shit I hope the FBI comes to your house and finds all those nudes you have on Jam that fucking e-girl you are in love with, NIGGER.

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  10. do us a favor and die like the tangoworldwide admin slice your wrist

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  11. I heard someone recently exposed your little fucking bitch ass. Stupid corrupted staff. You are literally the epitome of mental retardation. Literally hope that you and your fucking family dies with no remorse from the moat.gg community. You are silencing the truth you little cunt.  Fuck you. You literally not jack shit. Probably a stupid fat cunt that needed to start and bully servers because they are a fucking no life IRL that sits at home alone because their family has anthrax. Fucking hoping you are just another Etika part 2.

  12. yo motato i hope your fucken whore slutty mother dies of cancer along w ur shitty server u ugly fuckn loser get a fucken life and wipe the beaner off your face i will swat your ugly ass to try me you fucken nerd ass fag and that jam ugly ass whore ill kill her and her fake kid too ill slaughter your whole fucken family try me kid 

    1. Banned

      GoodChad moat.gg

      you know MOAB moat.gg. You are right.

    2. Banned


      Very dark message but he deserves it after all he does only thinks about himself 

    3. Obsidian Wraith Moat.gg

      Obsidian Wraith Moat.gg

      he may think about himself but he is still a human being.

      and we should treat him with as much respect as we show to others, he hasn't done anything horrible.

  13. Dear Motato

    I know a nice coffee place nearby, and if you want dinner as well, I've got that covered.

    Sincerely, OwOtism™