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  1. In-Game Name of Offender: Mr.Mint №¹³ SteamID of Offender: STEAM_0:1:29087366 Which server was this on?: TTT Minecraft #1 Date of Incident: 01/04/2020 Report Reason: FALSE BAN What Happened: I was detective and I had DNA on him which he was an innocent who murdered an innocent . Where I killed him then he claims RDM but even the person who he killed admitted that he got rdmed by him even though he murdered a T. He then goes next round to try and attempt to rdm me at the start then once i kill him he starts a votekick on me and I checked discord and didnt see anything request Were there any staff members online? If yes, who?: No Witnesses: misterjokeman Evidence: I have no evidence but if damage logs can be shown and dna logs from that time, it can show that he did infact rdm an innocent who killed a traitor. then next round attempts to murder me at the start then once I kill him he instantly makes a votekick Do you understand you may not flame/harass in the replies?: Yes