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  1. Wait why did you put my new appeal on hold its been a week now or am i perma banned im confused. I really sorry i really want to use the discord i can sell any of my items.

    1. Samuel


      Just keep trying 👍

    2. CannibalNaziSpider


      Your previous unban request was made on thursda, it is now monday, now if I understand correctly a week is 7 days, which means you would need to have made your next unban request on thursday, not monday.


    3. nano moat.gg

      nano moat.gg

      oh crap lmao sorry ill wait

  2. Why are u putting in on hold the admin said i can make one. ?

    1. nano moat.gg

      nano moat.gg

      And why do i have to wait a week to make one why are you putting it on hold in the first place?

    2. Samuel


      Upheld* and she upheld it because you do not deserve to be unbanned. you broke the rules so you must wait, a week is so you have time to think. be sincere in your next appeal.

    3. Banned


      Oh shit nvm didnt see this was Jams profile

  3. can u unban me why did u upheld it ? i was banned for no reason its mest up

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    2. Jam


      Nope. He told me to keep you banned (: 

      Im going to work. Don’t spam me.

    3. nano moat.gg

      nano moat.gg

      wtf why thats so fucked up dude u guys cant do that i was banned for no reason thats mest up

    4. nano moat.gg

      nano moat.gg

      go to work then its mest up that im banned from the discord because i was scrolling through videos its mest up and he was salty cause i was talking to some girl.