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  1. In-Game Name of Offender: Vinegar SteamID of Offender: STEAM_0:0:225640426 Which server was this on?: TTT Minecraft #3 Date of Incident: 10/28/2019 Report Reason: Vote Kick Abuse What Happened: I came out of the top of closet on dolls and seen thor-something shoot a man as he turned around the other guy didn't shoot back, so i killed thor. thor was innocent and the other guy was a t. Then I killed my friend crusty with his permission and the very next round Vinegar vote kicked me for mass purp rdm. first off mass rdm is 3+ kills, and the first kill was a genuine mistake. Also this vote kick happened mid round which is also not allowed Were there any staff members online? If yes, who?: No Witnesses: I Doubt It CrustyTheMoist Evidence: Do you understand you may not flame/harass in the replies?: Yes
  2. Very good Idea, alot of this idea exists in the game already. It's just a matter of chopping it together and testing it a ton.
  3. I highly recommend anyone who isn't already in the discord to join us there, not just because of the Dev-Tracker and TTT-Challenges channels but there is also the Support channel for everyone who needs staff which will get them much faster help and the Trading-Room for all your trading needs. Also you get to chat with everyone else there.
  4. I think just longer map cooldowns would be more effective, so if a map gets played it can't be voted for or show up in queue for like 5-10 maps since there is well enough maps for a long enough cooldown like that
  5. SK should be able to see footprints similar to the murder minigame maybe?
  6. @Legend you still got that flak?
  7. Shhh Blease I Need dis.
  8. 350k I don't have it yet but I'm good for it ;)
  9. So I'm sure we have all been there where you agree to an item versus with someone and then people ruin it by sniping your matches, so here is my Idea for Item versus support. It would have a slot that each player can put items in like the trade page, and a drop down where you can pick a best of value IE. best of 3, best of 5, a chat to discuss, and once both players hit the confirm button it would do spins like the jackpot screen to determine who wins each round and display their "score" by their item. This would not only stop sniping but it would also stop people from backing out after the deal has been made. Here is a professionally drawn sketch of the layout I picture it having.
  10. I actually don't mind the voice battery as I feel more focused when I play on the MC servers, it quieter and It makes people think before they speak. ie. is it worth using my mic battery to talk about off topic stuff and risk not being able to call out the Traitor that shoots at me.
  11. +1 Blink round would be crazy fun
  12. You got any Sunshine Orange?
  13. Aka, RDM encouragement tool.... I still +1 this though. I'd love for there to be more strategy to being a T other than just mow down people and not getting caught.
  14. +1 Without straight up RDMing a traitor it's nearly impossible to get this bounty done.