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  1. So im guessing it broke again.
  2. ummm where the fuck has my 13m gone and why is everyone saying they have ic appearing in their inventory??????

    1. Dillon


      13m? Did you not only have 33k less than 24 hours ago :ResidentSleeper:

    2. {KLZ}bobnot


      Unless i dreamt deconning all my cosmic talent muts  no :ResidentSleeper:

    3. Dillon



  3. Its all good. We 💗you moat
  4. Ok so my planetry sg552 with double inferno just vanished thats everything gone even the few worthless items that were presents from the past. Really what is the point anymore?

    1. PhantomVir


      I know the feels, this bug sucks


  5. You deserve your own role. "SON" (Smell of Noodles) ❤️
  6. This would be the best addition ever.
  7. everybody give the opening post a green tick i mean fuck we all know we need more banjo in our lives. also the THWANG noise is needed 😂
  8. I think this enough support to be carried into development stage at least. Not only do we wanna be smashed over the head with a banjo we want it to make a noise of BTWANG Kinda the opposite the light saber tiny push but massive damage and low rpm ❤️ Pref planetary but cosmic ok 🙂 xxx
  9. Imagine being smashed over the head by a planetary banjo tho it doesnt get any better than that. 51dmg 30rpm?
  10. omg yes please. I mean apart from you deserving a god damn banjo. imagine smashing a banjo over someones head its the perfect melee and tbh we do need another cosmic melee maybe even a planetary banjo?
  11. some people bought them and why on earth would the fact some were spawned in change the fact it is something that needs fixing?
  12. gutted i wasted mine 😞 I basically have galactic eyeballs but i wear aviators anyway. The preview looked so nice too.