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Lightsaber Giveaway Date

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The date is Official people!

Saturday, June 29th will be the official day of the giveaway, it will start at 1PM PST so be sure to plan around it, I will open the lobby at least an hour before the giveaway is scheduled to start so you may join to hang or otherwise chill until we start.

The Quiz:

This quiz is entirely MOAT based and all questions will be related to moat in some way or another. Given that This is going to be open to the whole community I thought it would be great to give people a chance at having an advantage in the quiz. if you wish to try for one (or multiple) advantages on this quiz, DM me on discord at CannibalNaziSpider#2196 with your question and answers (2-4 per question, 1 or more can be right answers). I will not notify you if your question has been added or not, you will just have to find out on the quiz date. Good LUCK and May the most knowledged MOAT player WIN!


This quiz will require at least two screens to be able to function properly on, one to view the stream (for questions and possible answers) and one to click your answer when you join on kahoot.it

This does work on your phone rather well through the app or on their website Kahoot.it so if you do not have multiple computers/laptop screens, you can join the stream on your computer and join the game on your smartphone device or tablet.

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I though this was only open to those who have won previous events? Just wondering– 

And if not, then I guess good luck to everyone to participates! 

- Crazymetdude47 :^)

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Oh this will be easy mate, hopefully I don't work.

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7 minutes ago, pewpew said:

Hopefully stream delay doesn't impact it too much.

I stream on Rabb.it with no delay


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Only 10 days left on this! Still open to questions that could give yourself an advantage to the game if you plan on joining!!!! 

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