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Moat Birthdays!

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Moat Birthdays!

Hello, everyone! I am starting a calendar of birthdays!

If it is your birthday, I will spin a wheel to determine what you will get!

It will include:

  • Discord Nitro (1 month)                       
  • Support Credits (1000+)                      
  • Inventory Credits (15000+)               
  • Items (High end - Cosmic)                    
  • Steam Games (Random)                       
  • Gift Cards (Random)                               
  • Misc                                                                  
  • https://gyazo.com/22e36665414d094e2389062ce4f102d9

(Chances are not even)

To enter, just put your Steam ID, Discord username, and your birth date down below.

Must have at least 5 days of playtime and play actively.

(Let me know if you are comfortable with me having your address. I am not a creep. I would like to pick out some stuff and send them over. Obviously don't type your address here.)

I will keep this going as long as possible!

❤️ Love you all!  ❤️

(if I believe you are lying, you will not receive anything)

July Birthdays!!

2 - The Flounder https://gyazo.com/4fcf812044dc9f420c8cc2f26df515a7

3 -Gaming Baws https://gyazo.com/d3632166c0e7f7b93d76e0a7571307ee

4 -Ethical Gamer https://gyazo.com/1a66db54e0378a0e46ffe422174a2607

10 -Xenophilius https://gyazo.com/fe36aebe49369dd9c26e2395d595af8a

11 -crossboy https://gyazo.com/42654ea26a80cc7d9d01fb0d1583a4c6

14 -Amir

15 -XpOz 😃

16 -Megz

17 -BRK Bejesus

21 -Nekk

23 -Arnude

25 -Sludge

28 -SpaceX

30 -Captain Karhoonch

31 -TheMaxBork


ON PAUSE due to busy schedule


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mine was may 30th so now i am 17 yay 

my steam id:STEAM_0:1:84165901

discord: Mr. Bishop#7063

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August 16th



fine with sending you address if necessary 

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Birthday: 05.07.93 Norwegian date ( American date 07-05-93)

Discord: Zicz#3625

a steamIDSTEAM_0:0:11101

a steamID3[U:1:22202]

a steamID3 without bracketsU:1:22202

a steamID6476561197960287930

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Missing info

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June 13th JohnInvictus#4886

and yes it does sound like I picked just a random day that was super soon, but I have the image below from last year and a cropped bit of my driver's license 

Steam ID:  STEAM_0:1:176071752


Birthday yeet yeet.png


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