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Steam key giveaway

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Have a couple steam keys to give away, enter with a number 1-100 and put your discord handle in as well

games are as follows:

The Darkness II

The Amnesia Collection

F1 2015

Warhammer 40k: Space Marine


will be picking a winner on monday most likely, will dm winner with the key for the game they won.

Games will be given away in order from top to bottom.

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Bro I had darkness 2 for my xbox 360 back when I was a console bot, it would be fun to play again 


Dr. Death#3491

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6 minutes ago, Cannabis Corpse said:

accepting entries until 11 pm cst tonight! (10pm est or whatever eastern time is, and midnight for u west coast losers)

That's backwards. If it's 11 cst it's midnight EST and 9 for West coast. 

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