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Arctic Freeze

On on on we go!

What event type should we do?  

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  1. 1. What event type should we do?

    • Hunger Games (Simulation)
    • Survivor (Simulation)
    • Total Dramma Island (Simulation)
    • Minecraft something (Ill think of it) (Real Time)
    • Boardgameonline (Real time)
    • Cards Against Humanity (Dirty, but also Real Time)

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Out with the old, in with the new people! 
Remember this?:

Thats right, we aren't done yet! I have two more promised events to give you and this is the next one in line. 

We had 4 winners from previous skirmish events 
(Johninvictus, Karen, Crazymetaldude, and Highschooldad)
They will be automatically entered into this event so there is no need for them to do anything

As for everyone else however, please fill out this form and contact me ASAP to negotiate a payment time, or join when I announce what server I am on. 


Entry fee is 10k and may be paid pure or a mix of no more than two items valued at 10k total.
You are NOT guaranteed a spot until you pay

What kind of event?
It will be YOUR choice by voting on the poll at the beginning of this topic, polling will close next weekend and the event will (hopefully) take placing the weekend following!
That means at least 16 spots will be available so the first 12 people to pay will have guaranteed guaranteed spots in whatever event you guys choose!


So I will have some prizes for you guys this time to take home.
What needs to be done to get the prize is yet to be determined and are the following but not limited to:
unknown.png unknown.png unknown.png

Plus some of the IC and Items that are submitted with payments.

PLEASE NOTE: What I mean by "Real Time" is that you guys must be actively here to participate. If a realtime event is chosen, all players who pay after the fact will not be eligible for a refund if they are unable to attend the event suddenly. "Simulation" is that of a simulator and you will not be required to actively be there to participate, only if you would like to watch. 

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