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I will be giving away stuff to people. Friends will be given stuff first, so most of the good stuff will be taken even though there isn't much to begin with. Post a memory or good time we had together. The prior isn't necessary, but it would be nice to see what you guys have to say.  Also, pick two of the items you would like to have so I can try and figure who to give what to. Like I said though, friends will be getting stuff first :]. The giveaway will be in a week or two probably, there isn't really a set time so post your discord tag so I can message you when I feel like it.

There are other items that I will upload when I have some more time. Just some more ascendeds and extincts.
























There are also about 20 eggs, and 26,548  support credits.

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You were my first friend i made on moat. I will miss you a lot man. Please take care and may life treat you well. Also feel free to ask for my Snapchat or Insta.

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Wait why you leaving? you were a super chill dude. I dont have a lot of memories besides you helping me out as staff once in a while, best of luck in what ever you are pursuing next.




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When we used to play a lot with Hannah and them and when I would beat my desk and rage when I die it's was good times man.  Then the time I broke the handle on the desk and u died laughing for some reason man I love u come back soon. 

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When we played with our mp5gs together and you destroyed me :(( Good times, one of the best staff out there

(It would be cool if I could have the bwf or another nice secondary like that switchpa :))) 

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When Burnsy was admin and Apollo was here, we all had fun doing event rounds

And I wouldn't mind that Chomp Ak and the Mohtuanica 



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i cant believe you are leaving before I am. it must have been a pain to be my bank you really tried to help me in this game. I really will miss you so much man. I will listen to what you said and save on my ic.  if you ever would like to play some rocket league or something with me let me know. We have to many memories I cant choose one. I hope you succeed in life seeya bro- Red lightning

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You were this first staff I met on moat. Had a lot of fun times and I'll miss seeing you around ingame and on discord. You put in a ton of good work staffing the servers and I'm sure the staff team will miss you dearly aswell. Hope we can chat or play games in the future.

The first memory that comes to mind is when I yoinked a basket from you (and I still feel bad about it):


I'm fine with any items, but if I had to pick I'd go with the switchpa/celestial glock/god sg552/angelic ak.

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You and I engaged in passionate lovemaking for an extended period of time

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seeder33 #3072 

I want the big shark or bwf, but preferably all of it.

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Mohtuanica or famas te thanks for giveaway bud
D3F4ULT #9525


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Sucks to see you leave my dude, but I'm sure you'll have good things going for ya IRL! 

I've played with you many times in the past - and I'm sure you remember the "squad" we had with everyone else who was in it (don't want to reveal any names due to security reasons xD) ((the only thing I can say as a hint is: G R E E N)) 

- and it was a lot of fun back in those days, and those days I won't forget. 

Remember when you banned my best friend? (he wasn't my best friend, just some silly random xD) 

Best of luck to you my dude– 

- Crazymetdude47 :^) 

Discord: Crazymetdude47 #2764

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i just want the easter bunny hat so i can complete me collection.

you were chill as fuck when i played with you

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gimme any cosmic or planatary pls

any ascended is good too

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It was really fun talking to u in vc/discord. I'm gonna miss u pepehands.

(preference would be the virt mac or the celest galil, but anything's fine for me)

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You will be missed Mega. I hope you have fun in all future endeavors. If you decide to give me stuff, I'd be happy with anything. I love you, full homo. From, yours truly, Operation Abortion.

Operation Abortion#1837

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Mega, no matter what anyone says you were a great staff member, and a great dude, it was a joy to play with you. I wish you luck in wherever you go after moat ❤️ 

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Damn I wish I you could stay longer so I could get to know you a little bit. Wish you well on all your future endeavors.


Here's a polite cat for the road



also if I ever do win that giveaway I'm fine with taking anything at all, but the planet's a dream ( cause shiny weps r cool ). more reasonably I want that cm jungle tap if possible. 

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Mega you were one of the first staff i interacted with when i started the server you were nice then and you're still nice now. So sad to see you leave, i wish you the best bud 🙂 

(also if i could get either the bwf or that cosmic ak that would be cool)

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