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500,000 IC to one of my beauties

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Did  a huge giveaway tonight (Thank you to everyone who was throwing in extra guns / stuff for me to send to people), from my perspective everyone was having fun, made me feel good about  myself, figured I'd do a forum giveaway as extra for the people who did not particpate and to share the love again. Figured I already have a ton of good stuff and anyone who has seen me lose big on versus knows it doesnt really bother me  and I enjoy the climb so w/e, take my IC. Post is super informal because forums are too high IQ for my inebriated mind and i've been doing stereotypical frat boy things (figure it out).

Format goes:

Discord ID

Steam/Server Name

Any comment/experience youve had with me  if you've met me  / seen me on versus (rich  get richer smh even tho im FeelsBrokeMan rn) (THIS PART NOT REQUIRED)

Number between 1-150



Its Sunday morning as I type this, going to end the giveaway on either tuesday (Afternoon EST) or wednesday (Afternoon EST) (TBD if nobody enters), depending  on how many entries come in and maybe cap at 100 to 150 entries (@Staff If any of this is not allowed and Im required to be more specific for forum giveaways please let me know and I will fix immediately) (Discord: MadAmbassador#1191)

Going to make a rule (If im allowed), If I recognize you as someone  who has begged me for IC / asked for half back / etc before and you win  the giveaway, I will roll a 1IC versus, if I win you get the 500k, if the other person  wins, you get passed over on  the 500k giveaway. (Sorry beggars)

@Staff If ANY of what I have posted in my tangent filled giveaway breaks Moat / Forum rules please message me immediately  and I will remove / edit  ASAP as it is completely  unintentional

First entry to guess the 1-150 will also receive 100k bonus. (ONE GUESS PER ENTRY)

First comment on this thread will receive USA American Vape for free

(Questionable as to if this final part is allowed) Feel free to include a screenshot of you giving guns such as extincts/etc that you don't need to players who need it more than you, if I'm allowed to do this part I will be giving ANOTHER 100k to a random person who has shared the love to other players.

Message me on Discord Mad Ambassador#1191 if you have any questions/etc.

Sponsored by all the people who have ever asked me "Can I have half back?". If you win and lose the 500k in versus the same day I reserve the right to laugh at you forever.


This giveaway has concluded (11:59 EST, 7/17/2019) , Bug#4361 is the winner of the 500,000 IC.  Thanks to all who entered!



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66 would be nice.

I also did a dragon round and gave the ascended model to a level 5 like two days ago cause I wanted to make someone happy.

Discord ID: Zero#5930

Steam/Server Name: Zero

Also give the vape to the guy below.

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I've seen you couple of times on versus, you could probs see my spazams in chat as well lmao



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D12 (moat.gg)

When i was gambling i lost 160k and then i just see you slap up 200k and you said you were gonna give it away if you won and now we are here!


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dumb no number
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We duked it out on versus, you cucked me, I tried getting a 50k loan with collateral but you wouldn't do it, and after ripping Red Lightning a new one at the end of the night you gave me 50k before you logged off :heartpepe:


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Big Lex #6153

Not Big Lex {Moat.GG}

A versus aficionado, a hero in game. I don't understand I can't hit headshots on you. PS. Please don't take more of my money in versus, I have a kid to get back and feed from Corinthian.


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TheReaper [moat.gg]


I played on a server with you once... I don’t remember which one but I remember your name.


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Discord ID: jono#8227

Steam/Server Name Darnell

Any comment: yea, I would really like to win this giveaway so that I can say I have beat you once in a versus. You always beat me.

Number 48

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Mr. Bishop #7063

Mr. Bishop [moat.gg]

i need it so bad


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I remember losing to you a while back and practically going dirt poor 😞

121 (edited because someone earlier had the same number)

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Haven't met you yet


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