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Bye Bye for now

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Aight I'm done with moat for now nothing much more I need I've got everything I really want / need so there no goal anymore 

So Ima be giving shit away mostly ascendeds post them later

Leave discord so I can contact u 

Leave a comment of a funny moment we had together or how we met something about moat I guess 

Aight I'm out I post the pics In  like a hour so u little Jews out there can get to picking 

My giveaway my rules if I know you prob have a better chance in the giveaway

first come first serve so if u win in the number gen u can pick whatever u want













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Play overwatch me with idiot, I gotta unlock the Mei skin.

See ya soon though.


Moment: When I first laid eyes on you.

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Big rip man, we've known each other for quite a bit, gonna miss you being my bank

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im just a greedy as fuck guy who wants ic and stuff because im poor i saw u gambling all the time but thats about it

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When are you gonna temp my ak? :3

See ya down the road!!


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why would u leave moat is the most fun game server ever 😞


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thicc box#6718 

when all the moat.gg servers went down i stole like 400k from you in versus hehheheheh

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Dont remember how i met you, but you were the first person i talked to again when  i came back xD 


Dont leave for too long 😉

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we cannot be repeating this for the third time


ill make sure to stay in touch homie


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Loved playing with u hope you return to this community later on! 

funny moments with you is when i quicksold u some shit lol

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I just became kind active on moat again, but im sure i'll see you around on frg :^)

I hope you enjoy your time away from moat, I know its probably very needed, speaking from experience lmao

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Idk, you killed me a bunch of times and I just want some weps huehue

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You look familiar for some reason, I'll give  you minecraft diamonds If you rig it.


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