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The King of Vampirics Givaway!!!

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Howdy, my names Draconic. I'm gonna be taking a big break from moat and I am doing a huge givaway! I have the largest collection of vampiric guns on the server and I wanted to share the wealth! All you will need to do is PM me on discord and I will add you to the givaway. I'll be giving away about 100 guns, and all but 3 have vamp. This also means 100 winners 😉 If you are drawn then I will message you on discord and you will say a type of gun (ak, m16, cz, ect...) and you will get that type of gun. It could be a specialized, high end, even a cosmic 😉 There will be 3 cosmics in the mix! I wish everyone good luck!!! PM me saying "I need more blood" and you will be entered! Draconic#0628

Givaway has been completed! My inventory is now completely empty 🙂 I hope everyone enjoyed!!!

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Givaway completes
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Also it was great to know you Draconic you're a very cool dude ❤️ 

Many fun times either in discord or on a server 🙂 

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